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Why the Home Mold Tests are not Worth the Money

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

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Have you found mold in your home? Have you noticed musty odors when you turn on the air conditioning in your home? What is prompting you to consider buying a home mold test kit? Maybe your child is searching for a possible science experiment. Perhaps you’re trying to be proactive because you’ve heard about all the dangers of mold. Whatever the reason, hold off on buying the home mold test least long enough to read the reasons that home mold tests are not worth the money.

Reason #1: Mold is everywhere because it is naturally occurring. Therefore, an over the counter mold test that reveals positive results for mold is not really giving you any valuable information.

Reason #2: Mold tests are done in an effort to determine the type of mold present in a home. Because of this, professionals should be used for accurate interpretation of the test results.

Reason#3: Home mold tests are not a substitute for a detailed professional mold inspection. These comprehensive inspections are primarily based on a visual evaluation of every part of your home that might have mold or potentially have it if a moisture problem is not resolved. Not only will the skilled inspector know exactly what to look for, but in the event a mold sample is necessary, he will have the training and knowledge required for obtaining the best sample possible for testing.

Reason #4: The do-it-yourself mold test kits have no way of testing for unseen mold. Mold is not always visible yet still can be growing behind walls or underneath flooring. Sometimes mold production is very active and might be detected by unpleasant smells. Again, the professional mold inspector will know all signs to look (and smell) for.

According to the EPA, mold samples should be taken and analyzed by professionals and in accordance to the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Even if you are a skilled DIY homeowner, leave the mold to the professionals.

Leave It to the Professionals

As required by New York State Law, a licensed mold assessor must conduct any inspection of mold. If the mold assessor deems professional mold removal necessary, he will follow through with creating a mold remediation plan prior to hiring a contractor and abatement team to do the work.

Mold spreads rapidly, so if you see mold or notice moldy, mildew smells, call your local Albany Mold Assessor.

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