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Mold Problems Affect Your Home Sale

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

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Whenever mold comes up in conversation about a home sale, you can count on reactions. Selling a home with mold is a serious matter. Although it is very easy for mold to grow, it is not a matter to be brushed off or taken lightly.

If you are selling your home and discover that your home has mold, there are appropriate ways of managing it. Whether the home inspector you hired prior to listing your home found the mold or if potential buyers paid for a professional home inspection, once it is revealed, you are responsible for handling it.

Health Dangers of Mold

While mold does not immediately induce health issues, it does have the potential to cause dangerous reactions for individuals who are not in the best of health. Reactions including allergies, headaches, depression and sometimes even heart issues can be worsened when exposed to mold.

Why Buy Into A Mold Problem?

Consider for a moment that a potential buyer for your home is excited to finally become a homeowner and raise a family. However, when they receive the information that the home has a current or past mold issue, it is likely they will immediately become disinterested. The reason being is that infants and the elderly alike have an increased risk of suffering from mold toxicity that is present in a home.

For most people, buying a home is a major financial and long-term commitment. It is also something that people work long and hard for and the thought of buying a home with major issues, such as mold growth, is not anything they are prepared to take on.

Your Mold Problem Is Your Responsibility

Thus, the best way to sell your home after discovering a mold problem is to have it professionally removed through mold remediation. But what if you sell your home without knowing that mold exists?

In some cases, if mold is found after the sell of the property, the buyer can actually sue you. This is regardless if you were aware of the issue or not. Overall, once you decide to sell your home, do your due diligence in determining the presence of mold prior to listing your home for sale. If mold is found, seek the assistance of professionals and disclose pertinent information to the real estate agent that lists your home.

Sell Your Home For Less

Perhaps when you listed your home there was no presence of mold and an interested buyer’s professional inspection discovered it. Not every buyer will lose all interest in purchasing your home and will instead ask for a price reduction. Take this into careful consideration, weighing your options before refusing the proposition. Very rarely do homeowners get the maximum payout for selling a home that has a mold problem. For advice on a mold inspection in your area, contact us.

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