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Everything About Mold Remediation In New York

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

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Mold spores are in the environment practically everywhere, but when it makes its way into your home, it can cause many problems. The presence of mold in your home can depreciate its value and can also have a negative impact on your health. Because our New York environment is unfortunately very well liked by mold, in 2016, mold remediation became a certified professional field. This factual information is beneficial to know in the event you are dealing with mold remediation. Why? It will advise you of your legal rights.

Fact #1

Mold Issues and Licenses Required

In the event you discover mold in your home and decide to begin mold remediation, a Licensed Mold Assessment Contractor must expedite it. This assessment expert will evaluate the mold in your home to

determine the type of mold it is and also establish the extent that it has grown. A thorough inspection of the entire property will be conducted. After the inspection if it is determined that you do have mold, the mold assessor will formulate a plan for mold remediation.

What some homeowners determine to be mold actually is not, which is why having a professional mold contractor do a formal inspection is ideal. It may in fact save you a substantial amount of money.

Fix the Source of the Problem

After the mold inspection, the Licensed Mold Assessment Contractor will provide a final report. To proceed with the mold remediation treatment, a certified home improvement contractor must make the initial repairs at the original source of mold contamination. Making the mistake to forego this step would ultimately deem removal of the mold pointless because the primary moisture problem would not be fixed, making it easy for the mold to grow again.

The Mold Remediation Process

To begin the mold remediation process, a Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor must be hired. This contractor works in collaboration with another team that actually carries out multi-step process of mold remediation. This team is comprised of Licensed Mold Abatement Workers and is responsible for removing the mold, as well as cleaning and disinfecting all contaminated areas.

Fact #2

Separating the Processes Protects You

As mandated by New York State law, the licensed mold assessor and licensed mold remediation contractor cannot be the same person or even the same company. In fact, the rules prohibit any one person or sole company to be licensed in both.

Fact #3

Get Everything In Writing

Just as you will be provided with a detailed inspection report from the mold assessor, ensure you receive written proposals from both the Licensed Mold Assessment Contractor and the Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor. This is for your protection and records.

The Mold Remediation Plan

Prior to any action being taken on the mold remediation process, you should be given an itemized plan of everything that will be involved in the procedure. This plan, also referred to as the Work Analysis includes the following:

  • Details of all rooms and spaces that will be cleaned.

  • A list all materials that will either be cleaned or permanently removed.

  • The process of cleaning that will be used in each area.

  • Quantities and pieces of protective wear (PPE-personal protection equipment) that will be provided to the licensed abaters by the licensed remediators.

  • Explanations of how the cleaning and removal procedures will be conducted for each specific room or area.The process in which occupants will be notified and kept safe.

  • Estimated time required from the commencement to the completion of the mold remediation process.

  • Cost estimation.

  • How and where the mold originated.

  • Recommendation of a contractor.

All plans of work will be provided to you in report form prior to any work being started.

Fact #4

Post Mold Remediation

Further, following the completion of the mold remediation project, a Licensed Mold Assessment Contractor must perform a post-mold remediation assessment. This should occur before any equipment is removed from the mold remediation contractors and/or abators. Upon receiving a clearance report from the Licensed Mold Assessment Contractor, all equipment may be removed from the premises.

Fact #5

Lack of Satisfaction

All of the above must meet satisfaction and acquire clearance from the Licensed Mold Assessment Contractor, and if not, then he will supply you with a final status report along with recommendations to carry out both a subsequent mold assessment and mold remediation plan.

These rules were implemented for your protection. Having all details and process in writing will prove beneficial for you should any future issues arise. Also, should you ever sale your home, the documentation will be necessary for your protection.

The key to dealing with mold is to create an environment that is less appealing. Controlling moisture and immediately repairing or replacing any water-related item accomplishes this. Mold can cause many health implications for some and wreak havoc on a structure while potentially going unnoticed or visible for a long period of time. If you or your family notice unpleasant musty odors or experience allergy symptoms when inside your home, perhaps you should consider having an expert take a look around. Protect your home and your health and contact a professional to conduct a mold inspection in your home.

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