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Knowing the Warning Signs of Toxic Mold

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

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The presence of mold is not always detectible. Mold likes to lurk in dark, damp areas...hiding like a stealthy predator. Well...mold may not pounce you as you turn into a dark alley corner, but it does like to hide. Mold is undiscerning when it comes to how beautiful, large, or expensive a structure is. It could care less if it is the home intended to protect your family or the business in which you own or work to provide the financial support for your family. What it focuses on instead is the perfect environment of three common things, including moisture, organic matter for food, and warmth; all of which are fairly common.

Mold exists in a number of different varieties, some of which are toxic, all of which are bothersome. Knowing the distinctions is somewhat tricky, but being aware of the warning signs of toxic mold can alert you to act fast and appropriately.

Allergic Reactions

Being in the presence of mold can cause the onset of any number of allergic reactions. These may include stuffy nose, breathing difficulty, coughing, sore or scratchy throat, or irritated eyes. If these symptoms are experienced in your home or at work, yet dissipate when you leave the premises, it is a likely indicator that toxic mold exists.


Condensation accumulates on utility pipes, porcelain, and glass surfaces and is generally a sign that your home is overly humid, making it predisposed for mold growth. Anytime you are aware of condensation or other water issues, take the necessary steps to amend the issues and ensure that toxic mold is not present.

Mildewy or Stale Odors

Whenever you detect unpleasant odors that smell stale, musty, or mildew-like, it could be a sign of mold growth. This could occur in the ventilation or air conditioning system, basement, or areas where plumbing pipes run. Even the smallest leak of a pipe or slightest presence of dampness in air ducts or basements set the stage for mold growth.

Seek Advice from Professionals

Mold growth is generally always present in areas with major water issues; however, it can form in low moisture areas as well. Toxic mold can be extremely dangerous, but there are ways to get rid of it, when handled professionally. If you have had water issues in the past or present and decided to forego a professional mold test from certified mold assessors, we strongly recommend you consider an inspection now.

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