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Questions You Should Ask A Mold Assessment Company

What Should I ask a Mold Assessment Company Prior To Hiring?

The questions on this page will help you determine if the mold assessment company you may hire is right FOR YOU.


First, make sure the mold assessment company you may hire to perform a visual inspection, indoor air quality testing and or invasive inspection are licensed AND have extensive experience. The underlining cause of the mold may not be so straight forward. A mold licenses gives an inspector to identify a substance as mold but a NYS mold assessor who is licensed and has a background in construction can identify the underlining cause.  Hire a company who has the experience in construction science. 

Second, you should ask what's included with the mold assessment/inspection cost? Some companies may have hidden fees, may offer a cheaper price up front but charge additional charges for the report, the clearance inspection and or other hidden charges. The mold assessment process is a 3 step process. The actual inspection, the report AND returning for the clearance inspection (after the mold remediation is performed),


 Albany Mold LLC includes a ONE-time fee with ALL visual inspections unless otherwise agreed upon. The fee includes the mold inspection/assessment, the report AND the clearance inspection. Make sure you are aware of all the costs involved.

Another VERY important question to ask is "Do you plan on sampling the mold?" Some companies may advise they will come out to perform the mold inspection for X amount dollars (usually at a very low rate) and advise they may have to take a "Few tests" at an additional X amount of dollars. This approach leaves you open to an endless number of tests he or she recommends when they arrive on site. Keep in mind 85-95% of mold can be identified VISUALLY!

Yes, sometimes a mold sample is required. Typically, a mold swab test is recommended IF there is an oil burning heating unit which may give off soot black soot may resemble mold - to determine if the discoloration is truly mold a swab test would be recommended. A second example would be if the home is under contract and the real estate attorneys and or real estate agents are requesting a swab test to be performed. Most of the time costly samples are not required!

Additionally, you should know if the mold assessment company you hire can perform indoor air quality testing. If the mold inspection company, you hire does not perform indoor air quality testing you may have to pay more $ for another visit from a mold assessment company that does perform indoor air quality testing. Although very unlikely needed you may want to ask if the mold inspection company you are looking to hire performs invasive inspections. An invasive inspection is the process of drilling small holes to provide access for a borescope camera to view the building materials behind the interior coverings. Again, most of the time a visual inspection is performed. If YOU want to know your indoor air quality as far as mold spores an indoor air quality test can be performed.

Does the mold assessment company you are looking to hire licensed for asbestos testing? If mold is found on a building material that may contain asbestos, you will have to call a separate NYS licensed asbestos inspector to test the material. Albany Mold LLC is a sister company of Albany Asbestos LLC - a NYS licensed asbestos inspectiontesting company!

You need an honest company who can provide a realistic, convenient and affordable approach to your mold issues. 

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