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Mold Remediation, Mold Assessments & Indoor Air Quality Testing

At Albany Mold we focus on mold assessments, Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Flood Restoration & Indoor Air Quality Testing. When Mold is discovered there are 2 parties involved. A mold assessor and a mold remediator. New York State law requires mold assessors to assess the mold problem for EVERY mold remediation job. The duties of a mold assessor are to assess the mold problem, write up a  remediation plan that is provided to the mold remediators and return to the Jobsite AFTER the mold remediation company remediates the mold. Our goal is to help our clients find a solution to their mold problem, so their homes will once again be safe.

If you have mold in your home or suspect a mold problem, don’t ignore it. When mold growth becomes extensive in an area, there is an increase of mold spores that will quickly compromise the air quality in your home. Mold is a fungus and can spread rapidly causing damage to your home and potentially trigger health issues for you or your loved ones. Albany Mold Performs mold assessments and indoor air quality testing to test the air quality of your home.

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Mold Assessments

Our skilled and licensed mold experts will conduct a mold assessment and thoroughly evaluate your home. First, there is a visual inspection, where we look for any visible signs of mold. We can provide an invasive assessment and or Indoor Air Quality Testing if needed. After assessing the severity of the mold we will proceed to determine the reason behind the mold growth, a method of correction and pass on the assessment report to a mold remediation company you have chosen. The Mold remediation company will carry out our recommended remediation plan. After all of the remediation is completed our licensed mold assessor will return to the site to confirm and make sure the mold remediation was carried out as recommended per our report. Only when our team is fully confident the mold remediation job was completed according to our mold remediation plan will we sign off and close out the mold remediation job. If the Mold remediation job was not carried out in accordance to our mold remediation plan we will require the mold remediation company to correct all deficiencies.  If mold is not visible Albany Mold can perform indoor air quality testing. Our technicians will take air samples from various rooms and send the samples to an independent lab.  Albany Mold will then provide an in depth indoor air quality report. Our indoor air quality reports will indicate any abnormalities regarding the indoor air quality test.

If mold is present on suspect asbestos containing materials you will need to have the asbestos like substances sampled and tested for asbestos. If asbestos is present an asbestos abatement will be required.

Mold Remediation

After the mold assessment is complete a remediation quote is the next step toward your home becoming healthier. Our technicians will come out and provide an accurate and reasonable estimate. During the mold remediation, Albany Mold provides the highest quality of service and care when performing remediating your home of mold. Our work is backed by a warranty that will give you or the new potential buyers of your home a peace of mind to move forward. The company you choose for mold remediation will determine how much mold occupants are exposed to during the remediation, the amount of cross contamination that may occur during the remediation, the quality of the product, the chances of the mold returning and the quality of the finished product. Albany Mold strives to provide the highest quality customer service and finished product which has elevated Albany Mold to become the capital district NON-FRANCHISED locally owned industry leaders! Call us today for a free estimate and consultation.


Additional Services 

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) come from various building materials, furniture and chemical cleaners are just a few.

MVOC are volatile organic (chemical) gases discharged from a colony of mold growth.

The musty odor you smell is decay off-gassing from biological growth which includes molds, bacteria, and biofilm. Furthermore, these odors contain microbial volatile organic compounds.

Chemical gases are measured to conclude the levels of mold growth from within the home.

Formaldehyde is used in various cleaners such as fungicides, germicides and disinfectants. Additionally, formaldehyde is found in numerous building materials such as plywood, OSB board, compressed board and other wood pressed products.


The substances mentioned above can greatly affect your indoor air quality. Albany Mold performs VOC, MVOC & Formaldehyde testing. Air samples taken during the air quality testing will be analyzed by our certified lab. Our air quality specialist can test your air for a WIDE RANGE of substances.

Our Promise

"To Provide the best mold service with complete satisfaction to our clients with detailed reports so they can make an informed decision of the property they own or have under contract."

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